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Our basic services are free.

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Paid Services

Successfull Transactions
Domain Yurdu charges a commission for domain names, websites and trademarks traded on its platform. You will only pay a commission for a successful sale. The amount of the commission depends on the price range of sale, see below:

Price Range Commision Rate
0 - 2.499 USD * ** 10%
2.500 USD - 24.999 USD ** 8%
25.000 USD and more ** 6%

* Minimum Fee: 25 USD Domain Yurdu charges a minimum fee for every successful sale.

** Optional Confidentiality: If the buyer does not wish to publish the sale of the domain name and its price, Domain Yurdu will charge an additional fee of 2% of the gross selling price


Service Price Duration
Showcase: 25 USD 1 month

Other Services

Service Price
Premium Domain Brokerage:
We provide special consultancy/brokerage services for premium domain names.
12% of the gross selling price
*(Minimum Fee: $100)
Domain / Brand Consulting Contact Us
Domain Appraisals 50 USD
Domain Catch via Backorders and Auctions 10% of the gross selling price + 18% VAT
*(Minimum Fee: $100)
Monitoring And Protection Contact us