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Our main services are free!

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Membership Free
Domain Listing Free
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Selling Domains

Domain Yurdu charges a commission for domains and trademarks traded on its platform. You wll only pay a commission for a successful sale. The amount of the commission depends on the price range of sale, see below:

Price Range Commision Rate
0 - 2.999 USD * ** 10%
3.000 USD - 29.999 USD ** 8%
30.000 USD and more ** 5%

* Minimum Fee: 30 USD Domain Yurdu charges a minimum fee for every successful sale.

** Optional Confidentiality: If the buyer does not wish to publish the sale of the domain name and its price, Domain Yurdu will charge an additional fee of 2% of the gross selling price

External Domains Sales

Even when agreements are made outside of our platform, Domain Yurdu's secure Transfer Services are available regardless of which role you are playing. Sellers receive their money without any hassle whatsoever and we provide assurance to buyers that they will acquire unlimited control of the new domain after payment has been received. The seller is charged a fee of 3% of the gross selling price


Service Price Duration
Showcase: 30 USD 3 months
Higlighting: 30 USD 1 year

Additional Services

Service Price
Domain Appraisals 30 USD
Portfolio Appraisals Contact with us
Domain Consultancy Contact with us
Private Domain Trade:
We can give special consultancy for premium domains for premium buyers.
3% of the gross selling price