Before the visitor examines your website and company, you can tell them many things with your domain name and leave a good impression on them.


A good domain defines the website-brand very well and is memorable. Thus, it is more advantageous in terms of not losing acquired visitors.


The quality-effect of domain names like keyword match and extensions can be measured by search engines, which helps your site to be more advantageous in search results.


As Michael Cyger who is one of the best domain name industry experts said, “Large companies realize that owning a generic domain name can provide enormous benefits, including: trust, authority, type-in traffic, branding, search engine ranking, cost savings on future marketing, and many more.” So, visionary companies are trying to acquire the best domain names they can get. You can find some examples of this:


“Good domain is the best marketing investment ever made.”
– Max Haot –, CEO (full story)

Question:  “Why did you decide to buy the domain (for $650,000)?”

“Very simply, authority. When you buy online, subconsciously you make a judgment on the company behind the website. Having the exact match domain gives you instant authority, which would take a lot of marketing dollars to achieve with a newly registered name.”
– Graham Haynes – Founder of (full story)

“The thing about the ‘bullion by post’ brand was that it wasn’t right for higher net-worth individuals. It was always aimed at smaller to medium investors. Now our average order on gold is already about three times what our ‘bullion by post’ order is. … For me, owning is the luxury of having a successful business.”
Halliday Stein – British billionaire entrepreneur, Founder of (full story)

Question: What moment/deal would you cite as the game-changer or turning point for the company?

“The first is when we used every penny we had to acquire the domain name for €500,000. It was a huge gamble but it paid off quickly.”
Peter Coppinger & Daniel Mackey –, Founders (full story)

“Which is funny, because when the sale went through I thought of everything we could’ve bought with that money. A McLaren F1 supercar. A NetJet private membership. Five houses in Austin. You can’t even sleep inside! But still, I knew it was the right decision. … Ultimately, $1.5 million is a lot to spend on a domain. But Sumo is a brand we will have forever. I’ve come around on the importance of branding because it shows our customers, future employees and competition that we’re serious and here to stay.”
– Noah Kagan, Co-Founder of (full story)

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