Domain Yurdu has a marketplace that brings together those who want to buy and sell domain names, websites or trademarks. Thus, we can offer a rich alternative for buyers, and enable sellers to reach more potential buyers. With the escrow service and transfer support we provide, we make transactions easier and safer for both buyers and sellers.

Premium Brokerage

We offer domain broker services for our customers who are on the buyer or seller side. For our customers who want to buy or sell high quality domain names, websites or trademarks, we hide their identities and reach potential buyers and sellers and try to find the most suitable opportunities. Along with this service, our customers also benefit from our consultancy services. Now we have started to serve as nft broker too.


We can offer comprehensive consultancy services for domain names, websites and trademarks. We can provide consultancy services such as creating a new brand, taking your existing brand further, improving your online presence and brand/industry authority, providing information on technical issues and many more.

Valuation - Appraisal

You can get comprehensive service from us about the valuation of the asset you want to buy or sell. With the valuation to be made over many criteria, including current market data, you will have a consistent value range and concrete data that you can refer to.


Every day, thousands of dropping/expired domain names meet their new owners. If you have seen that a domain you want to buy has entered the pending delete period, you can contact us before someone else buys. With the most successful 3rd party applications, we are able to work on catching these domain names and, if necessary, buying them through auctions.

Monitoring and Protection

By monitoring your domain names and brands 24/7, we provide you with instant information against security risks, fraudulent attempts, expiration problems, and protect your digital assets and intellectual properties for you. We also make it easy for you to manage your hard-to-manage digital assets like domain names.

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