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The "Cheap Web Hosting" keyword is one of the most popular and most powerful search terms to find potential customers for hosting companies. If someone is looking for "Cheap Web Hosting", they are probably very close to buying a web hosting package. New customer acquisition is very important to hosting companies. For example, iPage pays $105 for shared and VPS accounts going all the way up to $150 for a dedicated hosting plan. So, we can say that: This is one of the most valuable domains for hosting companies.

According to, the "CheapWebHosting" keyword registered with 50 different domain extensions and 226 domain names include this keyword too.

According to,'s fair market value is $14,000.

.net is the second-best extension for this keyword and if you are in hosting business, .net is another excellent domain extension for your brand.

Created on 1998-06-07 and now this 22 years old. Excellent opportunity to create a new brand or increase your web presence so, to boost your business!

What about .net extension?

.net extension is an extension that reduces the value of the domain to .com under normal circumstances, but it is also an extension for companies like "internet service providers, hosting companies, networks, software companies, etc..". So, we can see a lot of related domain names with the .net extension. For example:

> Big Sites:,,,,, ookla's &,, ...

> Design, Software, etc. Marketplaces & Portals:
Adobe's,,,,, and all other Envato sites, ...

> Software Sources, Web Servers & Platforms:,,,, ...

> CDNs' and Some Other Networks' Background Services:,,,,, ...

> Ad networks:,, ...

> Network Security Companies:,,

> ISPs, Networks, etc:,,,,,,, ...

> Global Internet-Network Organizations:,,, ...

- And Specially;

> Global Hosting Companies:,,,,, ...

> Keyword Based Hosting Companies:,*, ...

* sold for $185,000 on 2012-03-21 (source)


and more ...

[ + Bonus: First registered domain name is > Created on 1985-01-01 - Please check it via: ]

As you see, .net extension especially related to hosting, internet, network, and software. So, the .net extension is very suitable for the "Cheap Web Hosting" keyword. From this point of view, we can say that is both a very brandable domain for hosting companies and a domain with high keyword value with the "Cheap Web Hosting" keyword.

You can get many new clients in a day with good marketing and SEO strategy; you can also be the world's strongest "Cheap Web Hosting" brand-company as well with this great domain name's power.

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Great opportunity to build a strong branding package.


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